SCAN-Harbor’s 2021 Virtual Spring Gala

Tuesday, May 25th

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Celebrating the strengths of SCAN-Harbor’s young people

SCAN-Harbor has always employed an empowerment-focused service approach, inspiring our children and their families to achieve positive goals. This means that rather than focusing on our youth’s problems, we take a strength-based approach, building upon an individual’s gifts.

Today, as we respond to the enormous need caused by COVID-19, we are especially aware of how our core programs, and our dramatically successful pandemic responses, are building the strengths of the youth and families we serve.

Please join us for this special event, as we hear from our students and staff, celebrate how much we’ve accomplished this past year, and discuss what comes next for the communities of Harlem, East Harlem and the South Bronx.

Our virtual event on May 25th is free and open to everyone, but if you are interested supporting SCAN-Harbor financially, here are some ideas for what different contribution amounts could do for our youth:

  • $50 will pay for 100 Child-Size Personal Protection Face Masks
  • $125 will pay for a student in our Healthy Food Program to get their NYS food handlers license
  • $250 will pay for 3 tumbling mats for our Early Childhood Program
  • $500 will pay for 4 book shelves for one of our Afterschool Programs
  • $1,000 will pay for 30 Holiday Toys for at-risk youth who may otherwise receive no gift this year
  • $2,500 will pay for an artist/performer to participate in our a new Theater Arts Mentoring Program
  • $5,000 will pay for food, travel and hotels for 15 students to participate in our Fall College Tour
  • $10,000 will pay for a Education Coordinator for our Reach For The Stars Upward Bound Program

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