Our Programs

SCAN-Harbor serves high-risk youth and their families in Harlem, East Harlem and the South Bronx via 23 program sites. Click the program names below to see full descriptions and service locations on the map.

  • After School Programs

    Academic tutoring, enrichment activities, recreation and cultural programs for elementary and middle school students

    Comprehensive After School System (COMPASS) of New York City
    Located in East Harlem and the South Bronx, SCAN-Harbor serves six sites in NYC public schools and community facilities, providing tutoring and enrichment activities for elementary school students during after-school and school holidays at PS274, PS58, PS73, PS114, PS199 and the Harbor site.
    Students served each year: 1,150

    Advantage After School Program
    Located in PS230 and PS55 in the South Bronx, this afterschool program for elementary school students offer a broad range of educational, recreational and culturally age-appropriate activities that integrate what happens in the school day.
    Students served each year: 160

    SONYC (School’s Out New York City) Middle School Initiative
    Working in partnership with East Harlem’s Harbor Science and Art Charter School, and our Mullaly Park Academy Community Center, this afterschool program provides literacy, STEM and leadership development activities for middle school students.
    Students served each year: 180


  • Community Centers

    After school and evening services include creative arts, recreation, mentoring and academic support for youth

    Our Community Centers also offer employment, counseling, senior services, family support, and community improvement activities for teens and adults.

    SCAN-Harbor operates seven DYCD sponsored Cornerstone Community Centers in East Harlem, each affiliated with a NYC Dept. of Housing Authority (NYCHA) development: Dewitt Clinton Houses, East River Houses, Jackie Robinson Houses, Johnson Houses, King Towers, Lehman Houses and Wagner Houses. Serving youth, adults and seniors, core services include afterschool programming such as: visual and performing arts, street gang outreach / violence prevention, computer classes, recreation, academic tutoring, ESL classes, parenting workshops, and teen focused activities including violence prevention, Hip Hop, employment referrals, street savvy outreach, and our Reach For The Stars upward bound program.
    Individuals served each year: 3,800

    SCAN-Harbor runs three DYCD-sponsored Beacon programs: El Faro Beacon in East Harlem in the Coalition High School for Social Change, the Usawa Wadleigh Beacon in the Wadleigh Secondary School For The Performing & Visual Arts in Harlem, and the Seton Falls Beacon at the Bronx Alliance Middle School MS355. All serve as community centers located in an NYC public school site. Each location offers a wide range of youth and adult programming, including academic support, cultural appreciation, recreation, creative arts, Regents, SAT and college prep, career education, counseling and peer support.
    Individuals served each year: 2,800

    Located in the largest community park in the South Bronx immediately adjacent to Yankee Stadium, The Foster Center provides youth recreation programs, tutoring, performing arts instruction, a food pantry, and houses SCAN-Harbor’s Violence Prevention program, and our Bronx-based site for our Reach For The Stars college bound program.
    Youth served each year: 1,000

  • Community Services

    Summer camps in East Harlem and the South Bronx provide safe recreation and education

    Summer Camps
    SCAN-Harbor’s seventeen summer camps provide safe recreation while developing school-related skills. Camps are based at our Cornerstone centers, Beacon sites, and COMPASS and SONYC programs.
    Students served each year: 2,140

  • Early Childhood Education

    Cognitive, creative, and social development for children from infancy to pre-school

    SCAN-Harbor operates an early learning center in Manhattan, at the Eisman Day Nursery in NYCHA’s Holmes Towers on East 93rd Street. It serves children from infancy to pre-school.
    Children served each year: 100


  • Family / Social Services

    Intensive preventive services, mix social service, mental health, domestic violence support, and substance abuse treatment

    SCAN-Harbor’s Family Renewal Center in the South Bronx provides a wide range of integrated, critical supports:

    Preventive Services – Family Treatment/Rehabilitation
    Our multi-disciplinary program provides intensive preventive services for substance abusing parents identified as “at risk” for child maltreatment, blending social services, mental health and substance abuse treatment.
    Parents served each year: 125; children served each year: 450

    Substance Abuse Treatment
    SCAN-Harbor’s experienced staff provide individual and group treatment for substance abusing adults, families and adolescents, along with education and counseling workshops to prevent substance abuse.
    Individuals served each year: 130

    Domestic Violence Support
    In conjunction with Preventive Services, we provide outreach, counseling, referrals, and advocacy to victims of domestic violence.
    Individuals served each year: 30



  • Healthy Food & Nutrition

    Food pantries, healthy cooking classes, and community education

    SCAN-Harbor operates a food pantry in the South Bronx at the Mullaly Academy. Our Get Healthy, East Harlem program hosts healthy cooking classes for teens at six of our Harlem and East Harlem centers, as well as teen-run pop-up cafe events at our Lehman Village, King Towers and Wagner sites.
    Youth, individuals and families served each year: 1,900


    WISH (We.I.She.He) serves the full spectrum of LGBTQ youth of color in Harlem, East Harlem, and the South Bronx

    W.I.S.H (We. I. She. He.)
    WISH is the only community-based program in Upper Manhattan/South Bronx serving the full spectrum LGBTQ at-risk youth of color, and is the only LGBTQ program in NYC based at a NYCHA development. WISH was launched in 2010 with the following mission: to provide a safe environment for LGBTQ young people of color to socialize, recreate, and be afforded a range of vital social service-related support. As part of this mission, WISH also provides space for members of the New York City Kiki ballroom scene, – a world where LGBTQ youths of color empower each other through competitions that feature dance, costume design, and voguing. WISH program director, Francisco “Chi Chi” Gonzalez is an ICON from the scene, who will help make the space as inclusive as possible.
    Individuals served each week: 180

  • Performing Arts

    High-quality training and performance opportunities in theater, dance, vocal and instrumental musical.

    Scan Harbor Inc. Performing Arts Academy is headquartered in the historic Heckshire Building (a.k.a.The Harbor Site) in East Harlem and offers high-quality training and performance opportunities in Theater, Dance, Vocal and Instrumental Music.

    In addition to intensive training in a variety of formats and styles, we also offer support for students to hone their craft in front of audiences. The Elite Ensemble is Performing Arts Academy’s Junior Company. This vessel has given advanced students the chance at working experience in all disciplines and opportunities to perform with established artists, collaborate with fellow Arts organizations and produce several original published bodies of work.

    Residencies in four of our Cornerstone sites provide SCAN-Harbor youth with the opportunity to experience the foundations of high-quality arts programming through intensive mini-workshops. In 2020, we launched a new Theater Arts Mentoring Program, in which teaching artists from the Harbor site collaborate with at-risk youth to provide a creative vehicle for self-expression and self-improvement.

  • Workforce Development

    Paid internships, and placement in education and employment

    Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) / Academic Year Youth Employment
    Each summer, SCAN-Harbor hires Harlem, East Harlem and South Bronx youth to work at our program sites and summer camps. SCAN-Harbor is also sponsoring a “first ever” Academic Year Youth Employment Program.
    Youth served each year: 450

  • Youth Education & Violence Prevention

    Counseling, peer support, tutoring, mentoring, test preparation, and services for court-involved youth

    Reach For The Stars
    SCAN-Harbor’s college-bound program, serving Harlem, East Harlem and South Bronx “at-risk” students, provides counseling, peer support, tutoring, mentoring, and test preparation, as well as help with applications for prep school, college and financial aid, and guided tours of colleges. The program has a proven track record, with approximately 90% of graduates earning college acceptance. Our RFTS program serves a population atypical of a traditional Upward Bound (UB) program, targeting underachieving and under-performing youth ages 14-18. RFTS does not limit participation to college-ready students, but rather encourages any SCAN-Harbor young person wishing to actively attend and achieve their full personal and academic potential. RFTS graduates have successfully matriculated at Choate, Harvard, Penn State, Weslyan, Holderness, Columbia, Skidmore, Dalton, Williston-Northhampton, SUNY Albany, Duke, Howard, Trinity and Boston College.
    Students served each year: 90

    Cure Violence Program
    Support from the NYC City Council, Dept. of Education, and the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, allows this program to work with students at MS22 and MS145 in the South Bronx. Utilizing conflict mediation and resolution workshops, family outreach and support, and sports and recreation, Cure Violence builds trust with high-risk individuals to engage, develop relationships, and support youth who are most likely to be involved in violence.
    Students served each year: 40

    Community Schools Program
    Via support from the United Way of New York City, this program at PS55 in the South Bronx works to improve academics and attendance rates. The program, which includes Attendance Improvement and Dropout Intervention services, connects students with a range of supports, such as community safety, health care, in-school mental health services, homework help, and family counseling to help them successfully achieve in school.
    Students served each year: 150

    Violence Prevention
    For more than 20 years, our South Bronx-based program for court-involved and otherwise at-risk youth has provided individual, group and family counseling for young people with a history of violence. Involvement in the program is typically a condition of the participant’s probation. Goals for the program include a reduction in future arrests, physical confrontations, weapons possession, destruction of property and participation in gangs. This is accomplished through counseling, as well as home, school and prison visits, crisis intervention, martial arts training, and electronic curfew management. Re-arrests have been reduced by 70% as compared to probationers not enrolled in SCAN-Harbor’s program.
    Youth served each year: 84


The locations here specifically represent where services and programs are delivered. Click each individual map marker to see a site's name, address and services.