SCAN-Harbor at SOMOS Conference in Albany, New York

This past weekend, SCAN-Harbor was invited to sponsor a workshop during the legislative sessions at the SOMOS Conference in Albany, New York. SCAN-Harbor Executive Director, Lew Zuchman was a panelist and moderator on a legislative session titled “Decolonizing Inner-City Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth Work.”   This particular legislative session was visited by New York City Mayor […]

SCAN-Harbor Staff & Board Dinner Showing We are All Better Together!

On Tuesday night, February 27th, SCAN-Harbor hosted a Board and Staff Dinner at Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem. The dinner is an annual tradition at SCAN-Harbor, which is meant to bring staff and board members together so they may learn from each other and share a deeper understanding of what SCAN-Harbor does for its community. The […]