Jamel Oeser-Sweat is elected President of SCAN’s Board of Directors

Read the New York Nonprofit Media article tracing Jamel’s journey from program participant to Board President. Jamel Oeser-Sweat, who began his association with the agency as a ten-year old program participant, has been elected President of SCAN-Harbor’s Board of Directors. On May 5th, the following article appeared on the New York Nonprofit Media homepage, written […]

“Broken Hoops” Essay Featured in the New York Nonprofit Press

Lew Zuchman’s, piece discusses how recent efforts by Mayor De Blasio are transforming and healing in our most challenged inner-city communities. “Broken Hoops” by Lew Zuchman September 29, 2014 Much has been written concerning the NYPD focus on a ‘Broken Windows’ law enforcement strategy. Simply stated, this strategy emphasizes a focus upon street level law […]

CBS News interviews SCAN’s Executive Director, Lew Zuchman.

In the interview, Lew discusses his dramatic life transformation emanating from his civil rights involvement, touching upon his Freedom Rider experiences through his current work at SCAN. Created by CBS Newpath’s Marina Stanley, the piece aired in over 130 markets around the country.